Agree 100%.

I regularly think about this when travellers complain about their flight experience.

It is unreal that:

1) we are able to fly through the air

2) there is a cushioned seat bolted in to the floor

3) you get a warm meal

4) there are luxuries like movies on demand, a personal tv screen, chargers, pillows, gin & tonics etc.

I try to remind people of this…

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I’m from Kansas City, and I visited home last week. The interactions I had were so refreshing. “Hospitality” is the right word for it but also courtesy, compassion, and calmness. One night at dinner, when the server came by with the check, I stopped her to say how pleasant it’d been to talk to her during our meal, and how you’d never have a dining experience like that where I live now, in New Jersey.

Thanks for sharing this, Nic!

Ted Lasso definitely captures the midwestern charm, but (just as a PSA), no one from KC has Ted’s accent (including Jason Sudeikis), and no one says “howdy.”

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Love this message! So true, and a path to overall happier experiences! Jules shared the philosophy of not complaining in the moment with us a while ago and we took it to heart and have been implementing it ever since. Best thing is often you forget to remember / say the negative thing and it’s avoided all together.

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I love the Tedd Lasso's show and when I watch it I constantly find myself wondering what it would be like to be around someone like him or have such a positive outlook to life like him.

Great reminder of bringing our best selves to the table. I don't want to be the person bringing the complaints and negativity!

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Loved this, Nic.

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Very niece piece, Nic. And I happen to 100% agree with the underlying message. And with Jules! Just be nice to everyone and enjoy the moment. You always have time to ruminate on it later. :)

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